Please print clearly, fill out and mail or fax to:
Enterprise Bank of SC
P.O. Box 8
13497 Broxton Bridge Road
Ehrhardt, SC 29081
Fax: (803) 267-2316

Existing customers of Enterprise Bank may mail or fax this application. If you are not currently a customer of Enterprise Bank, please visit one of our offices near you. One customer per application.

First Name Last Name
* Social Security Number/Tax ID:  
Date of Birth Email Address
Mother's Maiden Name      
Home Telephone Work Telephone
Please list all account numbers on which you are a signer and would like to access. (All accounts must
have the same Owner and Tax Identification Number. )
By signing below, I certify that the information is true and correct. I understand that upon approval by Enterprise Bank, this account and any other account(s) and/or service(s) whether existing and/or new, are governed by the Truth in Savings, Electronic Funds Disclosure, and other disclosures, amended from time to time by and any other account opening documentation executed by me with the bank. Any instructions delivered online acts as my written authorization to charge or credit my accounts for transactions indicated.
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Security/CIS Information Verified Date    
Password and Disclosure Mailed Date    
Online Bill Pay Sign Up:
Once you receive your user name and password by mail, you may go to to sign up for Online Bill Pay.